Gourmet Massage - A unique treat for massage connoisseurs

Planning a wedding, a hen party, a birthday celebration, or a reunion in Bali? Celebrate your friendships with a Gourmet Massage at Jari Menari.
Designed for 4 people or more, and delivered by our highly-acclaimed all-male practitioners, our Gourmet Massage begins with a welcome healthy drink in our lounge and continues with a 90-minute massage for each guest. After the massage, a healthy lunch will be served exclusively for your group in our rooftop Gourmet Massage Café, complete with dessert and a special gift for each guest.

Planning a wedding, a hen party, a birthday celebration, or a reunion in Bali?
Time Description Cost
10 am Healthy welcome drink in the lounge Rp. 800.000 ++/ person
Min Rp.3.200.000
for 4 people
10.30 am 90-minute massage for each guest
12.30 am Lunch in the Gourmet Massage Cafe, dessert and special gift

You can choose from the following 90-minutes massage options:

Jari Menari Favorite: Massage with Movement

Customized, intuitive, innovative, rhythmic, and influenced by yoga. Featuring stretches designed to gently and slowly release back-tension.

The Perfect Massage

Featuring long, flowing strokes, rocking, rhythmic delivery and consistent pressure. Our reputation was built on this.

Singing Bowl Enhanced

Vibrations emanate from these Tibetan bowls,
gently entering the body with deep resonating tones

Menu Choices: Please select one menu for everyone to enjoy

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