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Located in the heart of Seminyak, Bali.
Walk through our doors and find an oasis of serenity

Discover our tempting boutique
offering fragrant oils, colorful sarongs,
light cotton robes, logo tops,
and our guests’ favorite –
our signature honey-ginger bath gel.

Stroll through the moon door and continue the exploration. Within our secret gardens, you will find spacious massage rooms filled with fresh air, and natural light.

Inhale Bali’s intoxicating signature scent of exotic flowers and subtle incense. A serenade from nature is provided by the gentle cascades of the water-walls, the songs of the birds and the swaying bamboo.

This is part of the Bali dream-come-true: enchanting, amazing, awesome!
Peeking along the back area, discover the massage rooms, which are all open to the fresh air, natural light, and a wall of water spilling drops into a pond full of fish and living plants.
Imagine having a massage here, surrounded by nature.

The simple Japanese ambiance complements the overall energy generated at Jari Menari:
elegant and blissful, serene and pleasing, warm and intimate.

Touch is healing, offering comfort and muscular relaxation.
Slow, intentional movement
transmits directly from the giver to the receiver
and influences the quality of touch
featured in each and every massage.

The Jari Menari Massage is ... different, amazing, and fascinating!

Another feature to discover is our professionally furnished Training Center. The air-conditioned center overlooks a beautiful courtyard.

One-day workshops or dedicated 12-day classes are offered to groups or individuals interested in studying massage for personal or professional growth.

You too can begin learning the secrets of our 'Dancing Fingers'.

Massage reminds us to breathe and enjoy the moment, day, and memory.
You smile; your body, mind and spirit are relaxed and rejuvenated at Jari Menari.

Walk through Jari Menari Seminyak
see how it looks inside

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