Jari Menari Workshops Series

In The Training Center we have the opportunity to share the secrets and psychology of our award-winning massage
techniques with those curious to know more about what we do.

Participants can enjoy sharing and hearing massage tips in fun-filled and dynamic workshops
that include both giving and receiving sessions.

Our intention is to share our philosophies and techniques with as many people
as possible, thereby enhancing the 'quality of touch' element within massage practices around the world.

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Our passion at Jari Menari is massage, training, and passing on vocational skills to those with a hunger for knowledge in the art of massage.

This hands-on approach to learning ensures that participants truly understand the concepts being taught and can apply them in their own practice.

Each workshop begins with a movement session to wake up the students personal flow of energy. A tea break follows with local snacks.

The participants will learn directly from those who are experts in the field. This provides valuable insights and perspectives on the Jari Menari massage style and how it's delivered.

The workshops provide opportunities for interaction and friendship building among participants from around the world. These connections may continue for years to come and can provide a sense of community and support.

At the end of the day, you will leave happily satisfied and inspired with a greater understanding of the power of touch and the philosophies behind our award-winning massage.

The workshops are open to both trained masseuses and beginners. Men and women are encouraged to join, or come as a group and enjoy a unique day of learning and sharing.

We encourage students to be fluid in their movements and unpredictable in their delivery. By maintaining a consistent rhythm, a practitioner can enhance the deeply relaxed state of his or her guest.

Our intention is to continually direct attention to the lower back, shoulders and neck, because these are the areas that the majority of our guests most enjoy being massaged.

" We believe in giving the massage that we wish to receive. "

By asking the guest to let go of their thoughts while focusing on their breath, we can work together with greater concentration and harmony to release inner tension.

Enjoy lunch in our beautiful garden following your workshop. Our chefs will serve healthy, organic lunches or we will take you out to sample delicious and interesting Indonesian food. Each workshop also includes a 90-minute Jari Menari massage that can be taken after class or at your leisure.

We look forward to welcoming you to Bali for a workshop soon!