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Nyoman Sumarsana

Nyoman Sumarsana has worked at Jari Menari since 2005 in the role of spa Practitioner. Proud to be Balinese, he hails from Gianyar and was born in 1973. "I have lived in Bali all my life and the best bit about being here is being close to my family, which is bigger than it used to be because I am married with three children. Prior to working at Jari Menari, I didn't have a proper job but I was recommended for this position by my brother-in-law, Bagus, who used to work here. If I hadn't got the job, I'd be working on projects in my village but I love working at Jari Menari because massage is my hobby, it doesn't even feel like work! Furthermore, the team spirit is amazing. My aim is to always give a top quality massage and I'm always very happy when guests specifically ask for me. My most memorable experience was when I went on a massage training trip to Morocco, I made new friends and it was my first ever time in an aeroplane. Living in Morocco, seeing a new country, teaching what I love, and eating the local food was a great experience, and I am happy now to live in Bali after having seen another country.

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