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Gusde (full name Ida Bagus Made Yudiarsa) hails from Denpasar in Bali and was born in 1982. He is proud to be Balinese and likes having a job that keeps him close to his family so he can go home every day. He is already married and has a son and a daughter, and he's a good dad, he often brings his daughter into Jari Menari so she can practice her English. He has been working at Jari Menari as a Spa Practitioner since 2005 and he is qualified in Esalen massage techniques. "The thing I love most about my job is my ability to make guests more relaxed and happy by giving them a massage. Jari Menari is a good place to work because when they recruit new staff they don't only look for people who have previous experience but they also give opportunities to people who have no experience at all in massage. Before I worked at Jari Menari, my birthday was not really important. It just used to pass by as a normal day, but at Jari Menari the team all sing a birthday song and give me a birthday cake. How cool is that!" Gus De has won "most requested Practitioner Award" at Jari Menari for the last three years and one year had over 250 requests for his massage.

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