Team Member Detail

Gede Ngakan

Gede was born in 1991. He hails from Bangli in Bali, and has been working for Jari Menari as a Spa Practitioner since 2011. "My aunty helped me to find this job; I was unemployed before and if I hadn't got the job.. well, who knows, I might still be looking for work! I love my job because I have many friends, and I have learnt a completely new skill with a trainer who guided me from being unable to being able. In fact, thanks to Ibu Yeni (Jari Menari's previous Human Resources Manager) I was able to improve myself to become even better. Everything about Jari Menari is special, and my most memorable experiences are always when the guests compliment me after I've given them a massage". In fact, a lot of guests at Jari Menari specifically request a massage from Gede, and he always gives them feedback afterwards, suggesting way to help with issues that he might have found. Gede has developed the intuitive side of his massage skills, using his intuition and perception at all levels (physiological, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual) to instinctively address the needs of his clients. He participated in an advanced one-month training course in Esalen techniques. Esalen is known for its healing and nurturing touch; it combines long strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, together with the precision of acupressure.

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