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Kima grew up in a Catholic village called Boen Mes, near Kupang in West Timor, and is one of about 30 young men - including Kima's brother and several of his cousins and neighbours - all from the same village who have worked at Jari Menari since 2001 when the massage centre open. Good hands seem to run in Kima's village; there are not many doctors or hospitals in this remote area so the local people here rely on traditional hands-on healing. Kima wanted to work at Jari Menari because his brother, Stephanus, was already working there and Kima was aware of his success. "I was delighted when I got the job five years ago because I knew I would make new friends while also being close to my brother and cousins", says Kima with a smile. He learnt not only massage skills but also English, as well as participating in an advanced one-month training course in Esalen techniques. Esalen is known for its healing and nurturing touch; it combines long strokes, gentle rocking and stretching, together with the precision of acupressure.

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