Team Member Detail


Putra is Balinese and hails from Sideman in Bali's eastern regency of Karangasem; he has been working for Jari Menari since 2017 and learnt about the job vacancy from the Bali Post newspaper. He had been thinking of looking for work in a restaurant in the Legian area and was planning to stay with a friend there, but was delighted when he got the job at Jari Menari, "If I hadn't found work," he says, "I would have had to go back to my village." Putra already had some experience of massage because he had previously worked at another spa but he was very impressed by the Jari Menari style, techniques, and quality of touch in comparison to the standards of massage and massage training at his previous workplace. He proved to be a diligent student and learnt the Jari Menari massage sequence very quickly. He says, "Jari Menari is very different from other spas."He is an excellent massage practitioner and is always delighted when his customers tell him that his massage has eased some pain or loosened up some tense muscles. Putra adds, "I'm so happy in my job and I love being part of the Jari Menari team".

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