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Sayu Dwi Lestari has been working at Jari Menari since 2009. Hailing from Bali's Badung Regency, she has lived in Bali ever since she was born in 1983, and she is already married. "The thing I love most about living and working in Bali is that I already know the ins and outs of this place because it's my home island. I'm the accountant at Jari Menari and my work involves making daily financial reports, ordering and purchasing. I love interacting with other people when I do the purchasing, it gives me a relationship with many other companies. My job here has not only given me the opportunity to learn more about accounting and admin but also to learn English. The special thing about Jari Menari is the togetherness and the most memorable occasions are the Jari Menari birthday celebrations. Once a year, we hold a big Jari Menari anniversary party and it is always a big and very joyful event. It's lovely to see all the staff so happy and relaxed, everyone forgets their problems and it brings us even closer together as a team.

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