Private Workshops

For private classes, indivuals or groups, contact us for a custom designed class. References available on request for the successful custom designed classes we have done. Make your dream come true and we will create a class for you!

The Training Center gives us the opportunity to share our massage success secrets and psychology with those curious to know about how and what we do!

Enjoy hearing and sharing massage tips with others in our easy to follow, fun filled, dynamic workshops where studies include both giving and receiving sessions in order to truly understand the concepts.

The interaction between students from around the world is an additional bonus as friendships are developed that may continue for years. The senior practitioners are great teachers and this is a unique way to get to know some of the Indonesian people.

Our passion at Jari Menari is massage, training, and passing on vocational skills to those with a hunger for knowledge in the art of massage.

Starting each day with yoga, students learn about movement in their own body and that of the guest. Then we focus on the flow of the delivery to make it never ending and smooth, lulling the guest into a deeply relaxed state.

Each class offers opportunities to be taught by, study with, mingle and meet Indonesians who love sharing their skills, customs and culture.

Our vision is to encourage students to be creative and intuitive when offering sessions to their clientele.

You will be happily satisfied and inspired at the end of the day.

We encourage students to be fluid in their movements and unpredictable in their delivery. By maintaining a consistent rhythm, a practitioner can enhance the deeply relaxed state of his or her guest. We believe in giving the massage that we wish to receive.

Our intention is to continually direct attention to the lower back, shoulders and neck, because these are the areas that the majority of our guests most enjoy being massaged.

Asking the guest to let go of their thoughts while focusing on their breath, we can work together with greater concentration and harmony to release inner tension.