The Sensation Of A Yon-Ka Facial

Never before have I experienced such a relaxing, luxurious facial as the 60-minute YON-KA hydrating facial at Jari Menari.

Believe me I’m no virgin when it comes to facials. I’ve tried and tested the whole gamut of rubbery masques, peels, microdermabrasions and blackhead extractions as well as high frequency microcurrent therapy using a futuristic electrical humming rod that claimed to smooth my wrinkles.

My preferred choice, however, is something far more natural, soothing and comforting, so I opted for a facial using skincare products that focus on the art of plant botanicals, marine extracts, and essential oils. Imagine this combined with a relaxing neck and shoulders, hands, arms and back massage. Sounds good? Trust me, it’s a fabulous experience with a true ahhhhh factor, which you can enjoy at Jari Menari.

The skincare products by YON-KA Paris possess extraordinary synergetic properties to reverse the signs of ageing, while also hydrating and minimising fine lines, wrinkles and dull spots. I found YON-KA’s distinctive sense-awakening aroma to be uplifting and invigorating even before my treatment began. First, my face was cleansed with a YON-KA makeup remover and then toned to prepare my skin for the next step, which was a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. In between massaging my neck and shoulders, my practitioner, Gusde, treated my skin with a refreshing and hydrating facial mist enhanced with YON-KA’s signature aroma, a unique combination of five essential oils – lavender, cypress, rosemary, geranium and thyme. The misting indulgence took place three times during my facial, and each time I found myself drifting into that blissful transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. Gusde expertly and lightly massaged my face using a YON-KA cream, penetrating the product deep into my skin to further hydrate and plump my face with luminous tone. After more misting, he applied a YON-KA masque, and while the masque was at work delivering higher concentrations of active ingredients to balance my skin, he gently massaged my arms, hands and feet. After a third misting, Gusde applied a YON-KA moisturiser designed to protect and smooth the skin. The final touch was a heavenly neck, shoulder and back massage, which gently brought me back to reality and reminded me that I was at Jari Menari.

Natural balance, suppleness and harmony restored, my skin felt soft, while my complexion looked radiant and glowing with renewed health. Ahhhhh.

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Never before have I experienced such a relaxing, luxurious facial as the 60-minute YON-KA hydrating facial at Jari Menari.

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