Who Helps With The Training In Jari Menari?10 Staffs More Than 2000 Requests In A Year

Training is key at Jari Menari to maintain standards and consistency. We see Guests are often deeply
touched and impressed with the ‘intuitive dancing fingers’ of the Practitioner they receive a session
from and will request the same Practitioner again and again. It is delightful how the Staff names are
remembered by guests for many years.

So, the Senior Staff last year, begun a coaching program to enhance requests from all Practitioners.
Dividing them into 5 teams, the 10 Leaders are responsible for enhancing the knowledge of anatomy,
application of techniques and understanding Jari Menari philosophies in their colleagues.

In the first seven months of the program we saw a huge increase in staff requests and to celebrate the
success of the program, (and birthdays of Melsa and Nyoman) we went out to celebrate over lunch.
Team work is what makes the Jari Menari Family unique and successful! The program continues in the
next year with a bonus for the team that has generated the most requests in the following 12 months,
combined. The spirirt of competition to enhance guest requests is a good program that you can partic-
ipate in; we will honor and welcome your request at any time.

Jari Menai - Behind The Scene

Jari Menai - Behind The Scene

Friends since joining Jari Menari, we celebrate meeting again!
Jari Menai - Behind The Scene
Welcome back Vincent!
A Jari Menari Team member when we first opened and a Super Star Massage Practitioner,
Vincent is now living and practicing his healing arts of massage in Rotterdam. It was a treat for
the newer Team members to meet Vincent and hear stories of what Jari Menari was like in 2001,
when he was learning English, anatomy and massage skills. Thank you for the memories and
advise shared, it is a heart-felt thrill to see you again!

Behind the Scenes;
Dreaming, Creating and Making New Staff uniforms

If you’re a regular at Jari Menari, you may have noticed that twice a year, we select new designs and
colors for our staff uniforms. We like to honour the Balinese and Indonesian culture by showcasing the
Indonesian textiles and the hand-worked techniques of the local artisans, many of whom operate
home industries within some of the island’s remote villages.

We are proud to support these highly skilled craftsmen and women – our pattern maker, screen printer,
tailor and seamstresses – to design and create our top quality uniforms, sarongs, bathrobes and bags,
which are produced from traditional screen printed and batik processed fabrics. For our recent new
uniforms, we have chosen predominantly blue motifs on white backgrounds to reflect the nature and
vitality of the island.

Jari Menai - Behind The Scene

Even the paper dressmaking patterns are handmade, by Geok, our expert patternmaker. Ensuring that
there is minimal wastage of the fabrics, our tailors and seamstresses then cut and immaculately sew
and stitch the cotton and best-quality rayon materials, using vintage treadle sewing machines in their
spotlessly clean workshops.

The famous batik process is one of the many remarkable techniques that make the Jari Menari
uniforms, bathrobes and sarongs so distinctive. Batik designs are created by covering part of the fabric
with wax and dyeing it. The dye doesn't penetrate the wax, which is then melted away, before being
repeated to leave behind intricate multi-colored patterns. Motifs drawn with a ‘canting’ or wax-filled pen
are called ‘batik tulis’. Alternatively, the wax is applied with a copper stamp, known as a ‘cap’ (pro-
nounced chap). If a marble effect is desired, the wax is deliberately cracked before being placed in the
dye bath. The dye seeps into the tiny cracks, which create the fine lines that are characteristic of batik.
Natural fabrics such as densely woven cotton is selected for the cloth, so that it can absorb the wax
during the dye resisting process.

Jari Menai - Behind The Scene

Our screen printer uses the hand-worked technology of his homemade manual machine, which com-
prises a lot of moving parts that must fit perfectly together in order to achieve the best end result. Phys-
ical effort is required to rotate the carousel and lift and lower the print heads, while he pushes different
colored inks through the six, paddle-shaped, stenciled mesh screens, one color at a time. Jari Menari’s
“full hand” logo is screen printed onto our shirts, and additionally, we have just started making Jari
Menari bags, which broadcast an important environmental message “The team at Jari Menari is keep-
ing Bali clean and green” to promote awareness. The message is printed on both sides of each bag, one
side is in English and the other is in Bahasa Indonesia.

Visit us at Jari Menari and become part of our story.

Jari Menai - Behind The Scene

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