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Join us in Bali, April 1-14, 2024
Sharing The Secrets
A 12-day Workshop on the Benefits, Sequence and
Techniques of Jari Menari’s Award-winning Massage

By popular demand, the annual Jari Menari sequence training class is available for
registration. Join us in Bali for this 12-day, intensive class.

The Jari Menari massage is a blend of different massage styles, taking several
massage techniques and blending the flow together to create a memorable session.

Using your intuition, sessions will be customized to reflect what your preferences and
also what your guest wants. Breema Shiatsu and Esalen Massage influence
this collabaration and choreography. .

The class offers classroom lectures, sharing the philosophies
and techniques used as well as allocating time to practice new skills.
This class is offered to those new to massage or already practicing.

The 12-day class includes shared accommodations, breakfast and lunch daily,
massage sessions in local spas and a variety of new experiences.

The new training center is an oasis of tranquility located in the heart of Seminyak.
So please share with your friends and colleagues.
For advance reservations, by Jan 1, a 10% discount will be offered.

Cost $4900 USD

NEW! Jari Menari can offer this workshop in two parts.
Allocate 7 days initially and continue with the next training to completion

Focus on the Back: April 1-8, 2024. Cost $2860 USD

Breema Shiatsu & Esalen Massage
Breema Shiatsu is a holistic bodywork and movement system that integrates two distinct practices—Breema and Shiatsu—rooted in Asian bodywork techniques and mindfulness principles. It emphasizes mindful and gentle touch, aiming to establish deep connections for healing. Similar to Shiatsu, it works on balancing the body's energy flow through finger pressure, stretches, and gentle manipulations. Breema Shiatsu is offered slowly, following breath and is integrated into the Jari Menari Massage throughout the session
Esalen Massage Esalen Massage, developed at the Esalen Institute in California, emphasizes mind-body connection and well-being. It combines flowing strokes, deep tissue work, and gentle stretches for relaxation and tension release. Known for its transformative potential, it addresses both physical and emotional aspects. The Jari Menari Practitioners offer intuitive touch for clients to reconnect with body and spirit. Many of the Jari Menari Practitioners are fully certified in this unique massage style

Providing you the best massage experience for 22 years

Time has flown by, and yet it feels like yesterday when we embarked on this incre-dible journey of promoting well-being and tranquility. Our team of expert therapists has poured their passion and expertise into every massage, delivering exceptional experiences that leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. Here's to 22 years of shared moments, and to many more years of healing together.

Thank you for being a part of our story! Looking forward to seeing you in Bali.

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