Massage Luxury or Necessity

Bali, with her fast flowing rivers, majestic mountains, emerald rice terraces, lush jungle and idyllic sandy beaches has long been hailed as one of the most exotic destinations in the world. These stunning natural attributes are yet further enhanced by an incredibly rich culture, an intense spirituality, warm hospitable people and a gentle pace of life. It is no wonder, therefore, that this enchanting island has long attracted holidaymakers who recognise the importance of taking a break from the stress of city life.

Balinese Culture

Visitors are also lured by another attraction. Bali hosts the highest concentration of spas in the whole of Southeast Asia, and the island has become a magnet for spa and massage lovers seeking an indulgence that will ease fatigue, stimulate the senses and awaken the spirit.

Since the late 1990s, spas in Bali have sprouted, grown and blossomed like lotus flowers. Traditional and modern body-soothing treatments are available at nearly every hotel, resort and beauty salon. Something that was once the domain of the rich, the privileged and the famous has, at last, become accessible to everyone.

Jari Menari Massage Treatments

Massage, healing therapies, spiritual cleansing and beauty rituals are all an integral part of everyday communal life in Bali, where people have realized the importance of taking time for themselves and paying respect to their bodies. Ancient Balinese remedies were recorded in Sanskrit on pages of lontar palm leaf and passed down through generations of medicine men; but the traditions associated with health and rejuvenation are secrets whose origins have been lost in time. Balinese spas have grown from a belief in the sacredness of the earth, the produce of which is the island’s natural pharmacy.

Weariness and tension caused by hectic work schedules and daily chores that continue to demand an increasing amount of our time and energy, can affect the mind, body, and soul. More and more people are discovering that far from being a mere luxury; opportunities to enjoy a soothing yet regenerating experience are becoming progressively more essential, but somewhat more elusive, in our busy lives today. Spas provide us with the atmosphere and the facilities in which to re-balance, and release our pent-up stress. Find out for yourself by booking a massage at Jari Menari today.

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