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It has been a while since we sent out a newsletter from Bali and now is the time for a catch up. I thought it would be fun to reconnect by sharing the details of what we have been doing this past year. So, here is the story of The Gardens, the new venue waiting to be discovered on your return to Jari Menari and Bali.


The Project was designed, built, and conceptualized by Team Jari Menari


A new venue converting a dusty parking lot into a thriving, garden wellness sanctuary


Starting in August 2020 with deconstruction of previous massage rooms and simultaneously planting the gardens.


50 meters to the north of Jari Menari Seminyak is The Gardens.

and Why

you wonder...


The pandemic shut down most travel to Bali in April 2020. To keep the team engaged, positive and the doors open to those that came wearily in, we needed a project. It was our once fully-occupied parking lot, which stretched empty in front of our eyes, that generated the inspiration. Amazingly, the concept of cultivating a live, thriving garden came to mind and fruition, within 7 months. Guidelines focussed mostly on recycling materials to make the transformation happen.

The Gardens schedule includes drawing and yoga classes, a monthly market, and slide presentations often featuring “A peek into the seas of Indonesia”. Guests are invited to enjoy a picnic in the park, meditate, listen to ‘brain-balancing tapes’ or take a class in massage.

The Gardens are available for private hire to host groups for dining with a small group of friends, especially for those hesitant to return to group experiences in public restaurants. The Gardens are a perfect venue for a child’s birthday party too.

As a Leader in Bali Spa programming, Jari Menari actively researched, that when tourism opens again, how can we assist those looking for deep, healing sessions, aimed at enhancing mental health and balance. The concept of The Gardens is a program we look forward to sharing with you.

Team Jari Menari is now fully vaccinated


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