Billy Is Back

We have fabulous news that our talented massage therapist, Billy, is back at work after 6 months of hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation. Billy was involved in a late night, serious motorbike accident, when he was on his way home from work and was hit by an Australia visitor to Bali, who unfortunately was deceased at the scene, leaving Billy with very serious injuries. 6 months later, we can say, Billy is definitely a resilient and determined young man.

Jari Menari’s sense of ‘family’ is a very important and we look after each other especially in times of difficulty. Within 24 hours of the accident, Jari Menari staff were at his bedside making sure he had support around him and ensuring that our staff medical insurance policies were in place. Jari Menari staff supported Billy on a regular basis as the days and weeks passed providing regular visits and even providing massages as he lay in his hospital bed.

We thank the wonderful surgeons who performed life-saving brain surgery on Billy and especially to Dr. Made and the staff of Rumah Sakit Daerah Mangusada hospital in Mengwi, Denpasar for all of their wonderful work.

It has taken quite a while but Billy has overcome his reluctance to ride a motorbike and is comfortable in traffic once again. Many thanks go to the family of the Australian victim for assisting Billy financially enabling him to replace his motorbike.

One of the reasons doctors in Bali are very experienced dealing with motorbike accident victims is because there are so many for them to deal with and a significant percentage of these involve visitors to the island. PLEASE ensure you have the appropriate insurance before hiring/riding a motorbike in Bali and remember to wear a good helmet, always wear shoes, take note of the laws and driving conditions, drive sober and finally.…….just slow down!

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