Bali Kite Festival

It is June and kite flying season is here in Bali with so many beautiful kites appearing in the skies. Many families staying at home are looking for things to do, and the nice Bali breezes are calling them to create, make and fly kites as a family.

Kite flying is a well-known activity in Bali and therefore now the skies are filled with kites. Fun for sure and Kite flying certainly helps participants enjoy the lovely weather, gentle winds and spare time during this quiet period in Bali.

The Bali Kite Festival for 2020 is due to be held from August 15th - 18th. The opening ceremony of the kite festival takes place in July, and the closing ceremony takes place in October. There are several small-scale competitions and side events that take place during the festive period, but most of the major events are conducted in the opening and closing months of the festival. Throughout the whole festival, a gamelan orchestra would play the traditional music of Bali. If you are in Bali, do make it a point to visit the site in Sanur for a fun filled interesting day with the biggest kites you will ever see!

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