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Jari Menari
'dancing fingers' massages options

Jari Menari All Male Professional Practitioners
offer massage to enhance relaxation and dispel tension
using slow movements and focusing on each individual guest

Our Specialty

blending strong massage strokes, rocking, stretching, and palm pressure

Our Signature Session 75-minutes Rp. 385,000
The Perfect Massage 90-minutes Rp. 435,000
Singing Bowl Enhanced 90-minutes Rp. 435,000

Jari Menari Favorite: Massage with Movement
Customized, intuitive sessions ... designed just for you
90-minutes Rp. 450,000
The Jari Menari Staff receives extensive, advanced training
that will fascinate massage connoisseurs.
Each massage is innovative and rhythmic; influenced by yoga,
the stretches release back tension gently and slowly.
We are proud to offer this massage

Four Hand Massage Harmony
Imagine two gifted practitioners working together in harmony!
60-minutes Rp. 500,000

Focusing on Your Back
Targeted, oil-free connection on the back, head and feet.
45-minutes Rp. 330,000

Foot Massage
Gentle firm pressure applied to reflex points of feet and hands.
45-minutes Rp. 300,000

Jari Menari sessions integrate various massage
styles to enhance relaxation,
dispel tension and stimulate circulation.
Expect a blend of stretching
and "long massage strokes", connecting moves
designed to optimize relaxation.
Drift off and enjoy the massage
For booking please click here
prices as per February 2015