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The workshop schedule for 2015 include:
Learn Massage : A One Day Class
Jari Menari 12-day Sequence Training


The Training Center has been open for 12 years and attracts students from around the world.
Classes are taught by Senior Trainers, Hadi, Gus De, Danu, Widi and Agus.

The Training Center gives us the opportunity to share
our massage success secrets and psychology
of massage tips with others in light, fun filled,
dynamic workshops where studies include both giving
and receiving sessions to truly understand the concepts."

The interaction between students from around the world
is an additional bonus
as friendships are developed that continue for years.

Each class offers opportunities to be taught by, study with,
mingle and meet Indonesians
offering an in depth insight into the country

Our Vision is to encourage students to be creative
and inspired when offering sessions to their Clientele.

Continuing education adds excitement to sessions as new techniques are integrated.

We encourage students to be fluid in their movements,
unpredictable in delivery and by keeping a consistent rhythm the
practitioner can enhance the deeply relaxed feeling for their Guest.

We believe in giving the massage we wish to receive

Continually directing attention to the low back, shoulders and neck is our intention,
the areas most guests enjoy massage

Asking the Guest to focus on letting go of thoughts
while focusing on their breath, we can work together
with greater concentration and harmony to release their inner tension.

Workshops will also address: aromatherapy applications and how to
creating a soothing, beautiful ambiance for massage.

At lunch our Chefs will introducing healthy, organic lunches or we will take you out
to sample delicious and interesting Indonesian food.

We look forward to seeing you in Bali for a class soon!