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Rudi is a Balinese Muslim from Singaraja in North Bali. Married, and the father of two kids, Rudi moved to the south in search of work in the busy tourist area so that he could support his family. He got a job at a small spa, where he learnt reflexology and some basic massage skills. One of his customers (who just happened to be the cousin of Jari Menari's massage trainer) could see his potential and suggested that he enquire about working at Jari Menari. He didn't even speak English but he got the job, learned English as part of his training, and the rest is history. He has now been working at Jari Menari for six years. If he hadn't got this job, he would reluctantly have had to return to his village. He likes working at Jari Menari so much that he once asked if he could have a life-long contract. He also loves the kinship and being part of the team, and always feels very proud when a guest is happy with his massage skills. He says, "Our managers are very kind, and can teach the massage students from being unable to being able."

Amazing recognition we received:

Best Value For Money Award

Gold award:

Jari Menari, Bali

Its name means dancing fingers, and the therapists at this ‘serene massage school offer highly focused, deeply relaxing’ pummelings for just £21(75mins) - that’s about 29p a minute (jarimenari.com) ...

Best Day Spa

Asia Spa Awards 2016

The Baccarat trophy was presented to Jari Menari for recognition and acknowledgment as leaders and innovators in the World of Wellness and Spa gethered in Hong Kong ...

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