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The Award-Winning, Jari Menari, is Renowned as
Bali’s Best Massage Center

Jari Menari translates to 'Dancing Fingers', which describes the flow of our practitioners’ hands during these wonderfully effective massage sessions. When you are in Bali, put this on your ‘must-do list’ to discover and experience the magic of a Jari Menari Perfect Massage Session.

Collecting numerous awards since opening, the Massage and Training Center, which opened in August 2001, is run by a team of professionally-trained, all-male staff, who offer only outstanding massage sessions, typified by rhythmic, firm and consistent pressure.

Our mission is to hear each and every day
“That was the best massage I ever had!” and we do .. again and again.

Our Award Winning Massages

Jari Menari’s all-male professional practitioners administer massage to enhance relaxation and dispel tension, using slow movements and focusing on each individual guest. Our specialty is to blend long, flowing, firm massage strokes with rocking movements, stretching, and palm pressure

Join Our Training

Looking to master a new skill during your Bali holiday? Our intention is to share our philosophies and techniques with as many people as possible, thereby enhancing 'quality of touch' in massage around the world. At Jari Menari, you can choose to study with us for just one day...

Amazing recognition we received:

Best Value For Money Award

Gold award:

Jari Menari, Bali

Its name means dancing fingers, and the therapists at this ‘serene massage school offer highly focused, deeply relaxing’ pummelings for just £21(75mins) - that’s about 29p a minute ( ...

Best Day Spa

Asia Spa Awards 2016

The Baccarat trophy was presented to Jari Menari for recognition and acknowledgment as leaders and innovators in the World of Wellness and Spa gethered in Hong Kong ...

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