About Jari Menari: Our Story

Since the late 1990s, spas in Bali have
sprouted, grown and blossomed like lotus flowers. Massages are available at nearly every hotel, resort and beauty salon.

Something that was once the privilege of the rich has become accessible to everyone. Bali now hosts the highest concentration of spas in the whole of Southeast Asia, and the island is a magnet for massage lovers seeking an indulgence that will
combat stress, reduce muscle tension and ease fatigue.

Yet, despite this explosion of facilities and services within the world of wellness, back in 2001, when we opened Jari Menari, opportunities for men to work in the profession were still extremely limited.

Our solid experience in massage training and education has revealed that male practitioners have the intuitive ability to administer massage with focused, consistent pressure, which is what our guests prefer.

From the very beginning,
Jari Menari has followed its vision to train young men in the vocational skills of massage, as well as anatomy, English-speaking skills, and exemplary guest service.

The members of the team will tell you that working at
Jari Menari is so much more than just having a job;
they maintain that they are all part of something significantly bigger and way more important
– the Jari Menari Family!

Many of the current staff were referred to Jari Menari by
friends, cousins and neighbors who believed in them
and helped them in whatever way they could to ensure
that they could be successful in their new roles.

It’s not just Balinese staff who work at Jari Menari; team members hail from Bali, Java, Lombok and West Timor, and are a mix
of Hindi, Muslim, Catholic and Buddhist, all of which build unity.

At Jari Menari, it is our on-going gift to the local community to offer training to young men who are looking for a profession and have only their interest, heart and dedication to use as compensation for receiving instruction in professional massage skills.

Please contact us if you know of any young Indonesian men looking for an opportunity to study with us and join our ever-expanding family.

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Amazing recognition we received:

Best Value For Money Award

Gold award:

Jari Menari, Bali

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Best Day Spa

Asia Spa Awards 2016

The Baccarat trophy was presented to Jari Menari for recognition and acknowledgment as leaders and innovators in the World of Wellness and Spa gethered in Hong Kong ...

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