Jari Menari Sequence Training: 12-days of class

The internationally recognized Jari Menari signature massage blends rhythm,
flow and connection together, creating a truly memorable session.

Our popular, long-established 12-day course has been designed for participants of all levels.
Students range from newcomers, to those who wish to acquire new skills in the healing art of massage, to those looking for a career in massage, to current practitioners. The aim is to learn and master, at a comprehensive level, the full sequence of the internationally-recognized Jari Menari signature massage.

In this engaging, dedicated course, under the tuition and guidance of Jari Menari’s senior, all-male, Indonesian training team, you will gain a privileged insight into the secret philosophies and techniques behind Jari Menari’s highly-successful massage sequence, which blends rhythm, flow, and connection to create a truly memorable session.

Sequentially, the massage addresses:

  1. Each of the daily classes begins at 9am with a movement session.
  2. After three hours of dynamic hands-on tuition, initially addressing oil-free techniques, the morning session breaks for a deliciously healthy organic lunch, which is served daily at the Gourmet Massage Café.
  3. The training continues with a three-hour afternoon session.
  4. The fun yet in-depth classes incorporate demonstration, instruction and practice of the face-down portion of the training, after which face-up techniques are taught and practiced.
  5. The focus will then be on the flow of the delivery to make it never-ending and smooth, with the intention of lulling the massage recipient into a deeply relaxed state.
  6. Students are encouraged to be fluid in their movements, maintaining a consistent rhythm, while being unpredictable in their delivery. Studies include both giving and receiving sessions in order for participants to fully understand the concepts.
  7. Finally, the sections and techniques are blended together to form Jari Menari’s famous 90-minute sequence. The training course also addresses foundational concepts such as posture, draping, positioning and hygiene, as well as how to set the mood for a massage by creating a soothing, beautiful ambiance with aromatherapy applications, sound therapy, light and color environment, room temperature, fresh air, and tone of voice.

The interaction between participants from around the world is an additional bonus; friendships are developed and may continue for many years. The training course is also an introduction to the Balinese and Indonesian culture as it presents the opportunity to meet and mingle with local people who love sharing their skills, customs, and information about their cultural traditions.

Whether you choose to learn massage as a hobby or as a career move, this inspiring training course will put significant potential and integrity in your hands.

The class including:

  • 15-nights accommodation.
  • Breakfast daily at the hotel and snacks at the center
  • Airport transfers and daily transport to Jari Menari Training Center
  • 80-hours of massage instruction
  • 1 massage session with Jari Menari Staff
  • Organic, healthy lunch daily
  • Plus:

  • Two visits to local spa
  • Professional massage supplies available at discounted prices

Total investment: Rp. 55.600.000

Additional Information

What to bring to class:

  • Note paper and pen
  • Please note: cell phones and video cameras are not allowed to be on during the class
  • An anatomy coloring book and colored pencils (optional)
  • Your favorite CD to play when giving massage (optional)
  • Essential oils you like to use (optional)

Things to know:

  • Wear comfortable light clothing that you can practice yoga in
  • Also wear comfortable light clothing, loose pants and top for ease in moving around the table
  • Oil may get on your clothes and could possibly stain
  • Sarongs cover students when they are on the table
  • Shower facilities are available
  • Professional massage supplies available at discounted prices

Who will enjoy this class:

  • Beginning massage students
  • Trained practitioners
  • Friends traveling together
  • Couples
  • Women and men are welcome

Amazing recognition we received:

Best Value For Money Award

Gold award:

Jari Menari, Bali

Its name means dancing fingers, and the therapists at this ‘serene massage school offer highly focused, deeply relaxing’ pummelings for just £21(75mins) - that’s about 29p a minute (jarimenari.com) ...

Best Day Spa

Asia Spa Awards 2016

The Baccarat trophy was presented to Jari Menari for recognition and acknowledgment as leaders and innovators in the World of Wellness and Spa gethered in Hong Kong ...

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